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Coffee with a purpose





Whether you're starting your day or need an afternoon pick-me-up, a great cup of coffee always tastes good.  The problem is, you don't want a cup of joe from a national chain, or gasp, a gas station!  You want a caffeine fix that not only tastes good but means something.  Brody's Be Cafe employs special needs adults to give an opportunity to those who struggle to find it.
When you buy a latte, americano, or cappuccino from Brody's Be Cafe you become part of our movement to be inclusive to all who live in the community.  We serve only the best coffee from Uncommon Grounds from our top-of-the-line espresso machine in a quaint setting. Great for a quiet moment or to gather with friends, Brody's Be Cafe serves coffee with a purpose. Who knew you could BE a hero just by ordering a cup of joe? 
Visit us today or donate and become part of our mission.


Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 3pm
​​Saturday: 9 am - 12pm
​Sunday: Closed

7267 Thornapple River Dr
Ada, MI 49301

  Our Mission and Story  

Our Story

To provide a safe and enjoyable work environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental delays along
with other special needs. To create a place of acceptance

for all people in the community; a place to receive,
and give back. Brody’s be Cafe will provide an opportunity
for people with, and without special needs, to work together.
This cafe will provide a place where everyone can
come together to feel purpose, importance,

and to realize that we aren’t all that
different on the inside.

Inspired by her son, Brody, who was born with Down syndrome, the founder of Brody's be Cafe believes that bridging the gap in every community is a must.


Brody's Be Cafe will mostly be run by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but this coffee shop is more than just that. It is a place to feel loved, accepted, and belong.


Brody's Be Cafe provides a special customer experience that teaches us to fill up our cups and let them runneth over together.


Buy a cup of coffee at our cafe.

Like you, we believe inclusion in the workplace matters. 

You can join our mission in 3 easy steps.  

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